Wicked - A Story of Hop On Hop Off and Luck

 Have you ever been stranded at Piccadilly Circus?

The Big Bus Hop On / Hop Off service is terrific. We have used them in Hong Kong, Italy, and London, England. The London route was very crowded at the end of the day, so we decided to step into a coffee shop for a break. Pro-Tip - bring your own wired headphones (3.5mm) for better results. 

London Big Bus Tour

Tickets to Wicked. 

On the wall in the coffee shop - a poster for Wicked. Well my son and husband were not interested, but my daughter and I scooped up a couple of very cheap tickets and took a taxi to the evening show. 

Sometimes you have to adjust your plans to have a bit more fun. The boys went back to the Air BNB, and the girls went to the play. 

Wicked - The Play, London

She wore the sweat shirt for a couple of days, but the smile stayed on for the rest of the trip. 

Sometimes bad, but not really Wicked.