Sometimes it's the Destination, other times, the Journey.

 Sometimes it is the Destination

Travel is an odd hobby. Some trips are wildly memorable, with fantastic vistas, amazing food and all of the good feelings that Martin Buber would ascribe to a very different experience. The water might be an amazing deep-blue, like we saw in the Caribbean. The flowers may be everywhere, all at once, and all beautiful. 

Caribbean Cruise, 2022

Sometimes it's the Journey

More often, the journey is memorable. Tom has vivid memories of a rain swept night in Kilkee Ireland. Two guys, a rental car and a week with no plans. You might end up in a place like this. Or, on a "road" called Goat Path - which is a better description than "road". 


Lobster Traps at an Irish Boat Ramp.

More recently, we a quick jaunt to Dallas (DFW) and back - with an odd pin placement mid-way. 

March 2023 - Google Maps Summary

If You Know, You Know (IFYKY)

So, what is that odd pin, just outside of Temple, TX? Maybe the street address will help.

 4155 N General Bruce Dr, Temple, TX 76501. 

Still nothing? 

If you are travelling in Texas, you will (eventually) stop at a Bucees. Clean, despite the crowds. Great snacks, and the hot food is very fresh. Get gas, take a break and stretch your legs while doing some people watching. 

Yes, March was a pretty slow month. A single run to DFW, a stop at Bucees (stopping on the way up and the way back), then back home.  

The Other Pins? 

Our daughter is in competitive Color Guard during the winter season. During the fall, she is a captain on the Texas State Marching Band Color Guard. We have been to dozens of middle and high schools for practice, parent rehearsals, and competitions. 

We missed the chance to go to Texas A&M Reed Arena for Regionals (her team won), and will not be travelling to beautiful Dayton, OH for Nationals. Dayton has never been on my bucket-list.

The taste of medal - winners at Texas A&M Reed Arena