US Passport Delays 2023

Passport Renewal Process 2023

Passport processing delays are being widely reported. We had a slightly different experience when renewing our Passports. 

How to save time on the renewal process

  • We printed out the renewal forms (two different forms for the adult passport and the juvenile passports that needed renewal). 
  • We scheduled an appointment with our local US Post Office (book early!) Everyone needs to be at the appointment and bring copies of identification (we took copies of driver licenses).
  • The paperwork reviewed and confirmed that the photographs were in order.
  • We paid the renewal fee and the processing fee, then waited. 

CNBC is reporting substantial passport issuance delays (see: "U.S. passport delays may be four months long — and could get worse. Here’s what to know." as of April 2023.

Passport Renewal time: 8 Weeks

All three of our passport renewals were processed in just a bit over 8 weeks (January 2023 to March 2023). We are still waiting for our old passport books to be returned because we enjoy reminiscing over the stamps. 

Check your trip date and Passport expiration date

Pro tip: Many countries require that you passport will be valid for six months AFTER your trips is going to be complete. If you are flying or cruising internationally, check your renewal date and make sure you are not turned away upon arrival. 

Services that offer "Expedited" renewals are expensive - try to work directly with the U.S. Department of State and the US Postal Service.